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Developed by James Brush

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Questions & Answers

  1. Is this a cloud and web based program?


  2. Will this program work on mobile tablets.

    Yes, the recommended screen size is 7.5 " in width.

  3. Will this program work on smart phones.

    Yes, but we recommend using it on your PC or tablet.

  4. Do I need an Internet connection to use this program?


  5. Can I share this program with other contractors and my friends?


  6. How do I get more than 15 users?

    If you need more users, please go to the contact page and send us an email.

  7. What is the definition of a user?

    A user is anyone who is an employee of your company. This does not include sub-contractors.

  8. What does satisfaction guarantee mean?

    If you are unhappy or don't like the program for any reason, you can have your money back. The refund will be the full amount minus any transactions fee that we pay for our credit card processing.

    If you are late on your subscription or fail to make your payments for any reason, your money back guarantee becomes null and void.